Hazel Park Raceway


  • Once located at the corner of 10 Mile and Dequindre, Hazel Park Raceway was known as America’s first 5/8ths mile track. Since it opened its doors in 1949 the raceway had attracted some of the nation’s top jockeys, trainers and equines that the sport of horse racing has seen.

  • It originally operated as a dual-breed facility until 1985 when it began running harness races exclusively. In 2014 thoroughbred racing made a return to the historic raceway.

  • In addition to live racing some of the track’s amenities included full-card simulating, the Top of the Park Grill, Bridge Lounge, and Homestretch Bar.

  • When it abruptly closed its doors in early April of 2018, The Hazel Park Raceway was the last remaining Thorough bred race track in the state of Michigan.

  • All of the horses and jockeys that were preparing for the opening day one month later, were given 10 days to vacate the property.

  • Long before the existence of Casinos, State Lottery, and internet gambling, Thoroughbred Horse racing has significantly contributed to the economic impacts of the equestrian gaming industry in Michigan.

  • The property was purchased by Ashley Capital in April of 2018 with plans to build two new warehouse buildings on the site- One being approximately 600,000 SF and another being 900,000 SF.

  • In the summer of 2018, The End Grain Woodworking Co was able to salvage materials from the wooden horse stables from the Hazel Park Raceway.


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