6568 Woodward


  • Located at the corner of Woodward and East Grand Boulevard, this building is considered to be one of the two oldest in Detroit’s New Center Commercial Historic District.

  • 1876

    In an attempt to partake in the City Beautification Movement that was sweeping the nation, citizens of Detroit express their desires to have a boulevard that would encircle the city and mimic those roadways found in Paris.

  • 1891

    Detroit’s Mayor Hazen Pingree breaks ground on the construction of a twelve mile stretch of road would be known as the Grand Boulevard.

  • 1900's

    At the turn of the century, the surrounding community was thriving with commercial traffic due to the northern expansion of the street rail and the opening of the Grand Boulevard.

  • This three-story mixed use commercial building dates back to 1896 when it was being used as a Drug store, milliner, and grocery store.

  • 1920

    The building’s exterior had been modified to fit the changing trends in architecture.

  • 1940

    Additional facade alterations which included a terracotta front and steel marquee.

  • 1970

    Four interior dressing rooms were added.

  • After sitting vacant for several years, the building is being redeveloped as mixed use space for both commercial and residential units.


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