6400-6404 Woodward
Detroit, MI


  • Woodward Avenue derives its name from Chief Justice Augustus Woodward who was appointed to the Michigan territory in 1805.

  • Beginning in the 1850s, the construction of railroads north of the downtown area which was primarily farm land, helped connect Detroit with the surrounding communities.

  • In an attempt to partake in the City Beautification Movement that was sweeping the nation, citizens of Detroit expressed their desire to have a boulevard that would encircle the city and mimic roadways found in Paris.

  • In 1891 Detroit Mayor Hazen Pingree breaks ground on the construction of a twelve mile stretch of road that would be known as the Grand Boulevard.

  • With the construction underway on Grand Boulevard, the intersection of Woodward Avenue and newly constructed rail lines, this area began to thrive as a viable commercial district.


  • In 1914, The City of Detroit issued a building permit for the two-story building that is situated at the corner of Woodward and East Baltimore

  • Since constructed, the commercial building has had a wide variety of businesses operating out of the three different address associated with it including a bowling alley and billiards hall as well as a variety of restaurants.

  • The building is listed as originally being occupied by a saloon, restaurant and the offices of Bean & Deville Plumbing

  • By 1917, the restaurant was replaced by the More Brothers Billiards Hall which would remain in business well into the 1930s

  • The two-story building which has storefronts on both Woodward Avenue and Baltimore Street, has seen several cosmetic changes beginning in 1927

  • In 1930, the commercial building was briefly home to the Jos Papazian Shoe Store

  • By 1938, the pool hall had been converted into a bowling alley and owned by Nathan Sheley

  • For nearly twenty years, the Wolverine Chophouse operated out of the building beginning in 1940 through 1963

  • One of the last know businesses to be run out of the building at 6400 Woodward was a Caribbean themed restaurant which is seen by the bright pastel colors painted on its exterior

  • After sitting vacant for several years, the building is being redeveloped into a mixed use residential and retail space which will be named Baltimore Station 1. The renovations are scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2018

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Photo Credit
New Center Commercial District, National Register Nomination.
Photographer Kristine M. Kidorf
Date Photographed: September 13, 2015