6400 Trumbull
Detroit, MI


  • 1875

    The City of Detroit annexes land increasing its boundaries to the north

  • 1876

    In an attempt to partake in the City Beautification Movement that was sweeping the nation, citizens of Detroit express their desires to have a boulevard that would encircle the city and mimic those roadways found in Paris

  • 1891

    Detroit’s Mayor Hazen Pingree breaks ground on the construction of a twelve mile stretch of road would be known as the Grand Boulevard.

  • 1909

    The Warren Motor Car Co. building is constructed and currently sits at 1331 Holden Avenue. While the original owner Homer Warren was not able to profit from his 30 hp 4 cyl roadsters, a later owner by the name of Henry Leyland who had been influential in the Cadillac Motor Co is rumored to have built the Lincoln Motor Co in this building. 1910Just blocks away from the Warren Motor Co, the neighborhood where the property is located at 6400 Trumbull is being developed for residential houses

  • 1915

    Henry Ford opens the hospital bearing his name on the edge of the city limits at Hamilton and West Grand Blvd directly to the north of Milton H Smith’s new home. It is a 48 patient hospital and is staffed with doctors from Johns Hopkins.

  • 1927

    William Durant decides to construct a 15 story permanent home for the General Motor’s company that he founded in the new center area on West Grand Blvd in between Cass and Second. The building was to be named after Durant but was renamed the General Motor’s building. It served as the World Headquarters until 2001 when it moved the last of its employees to the Renaissance Center.

  • 1928

    The Fisher Brothers commission Albert Kahn to design a 30 story skyscraper to be located adjacent to the general Motors Building. The location of the building was due in part to their interests in General Motors, having just sold the Fisher Body Company to them.

  • 1953

    The first leg of the John C Lodge Freeway was constructed and it nearby I-94 connection was the first freeway-to-freeway interchange in the United States. The Highway was dedicated on November 7, 1957.

  • 1959

    Approximately 12 mile away from 6400 Trumbull, Berry Gordy purchases the property which will become known as Motown’s Hitsville USA.


  • 1910


  • 1920

    The 1st known occupant is listed as Hanson E Hall who would reside in this house for approximately ten years

  • 1930

    John Palmer began living in this home for an additional twenty years

  • 1950

    Glen Hall purchased the property and would remain here up into the 1950s

  • 1956

    F Kablan is listed as being an occupant in this home on Trumbull for just over ten years

  • 1968

    Cecilio Hernandez purchased the house and is its longest occupant living here until the year 2000

  • 2013

    The neglected house at 6400 Trumbull Street was properly deconstructed and its building materials are put to use once again….


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